Gelcote International: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: – Why doesn’’t Gelcote match my vehicle colour?

A: – All Gelcotes fade/discolour from exposure to UV rays ( even after a short period of time). Mostly you will notice that our colours will be more vibrant than the UV faded vehicle you are trying to match. Over time, the repaired area will fade with the UV exposure as well and will more closely match.

Q: – Why doesn’t my Gelcote fully cure?

A: – First make sure you are using the correct amount of hardener. Also Gelcote is very temperature/humidity sensitive. On hot humid days, it can take twice the recommended time to cure. We suggest using a heat gun or blow dryer to the applied area. This allows the M.E.K. hardener to “kick off” faster to achieve a full cure.

Q: – Can I thin Gelcote?

A: – Yes you can thin Gelcote. We recommend using styrene or acetone. Do not exceed more than 10% per volume.