Epoxy – Wood Repairs, Fiber Glass Repairs & Marine Repairs

Epoxy is ideal for wood repairs, fibre glass repairs and marine repairs. At Gelcote International we stock a range of epoxy resin that when used with the correct hardener, cures to form a hard, high-strength plastic barrier that’s also highly resistant to moisture.

Gelcote International epoxy products bond well with:

  • Wood fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Reinforcing fabrics (i.e.: cloth, woven Roving)
  • Various metals

Top Benefits of Gelcote Epoxy Products For Wood Repair, Dry Rot and Fiberglass Repair

There are many benefits to using epoxy for wood, fiberglass and marine repairs as follows:

  • Manufactured without volatile chemical solvents and has no strong solvent odor
  • Easy to work with
  • Calibrated pump system with 3:1-5:1 mix ratio
  • Considered safer to work with than polyester or vinyl ester resins

Epoxy has a relatively high flash point which means that it’s a safe product to work with. Once cured, it will form a clear finish and will also not shrink. You will be left with an extremely strong surface. Once the plastic surface has cured completely, you can saw, drill, sand and machine it. If you are looking for a product that can be used to repair surfaces that need to be resistant to chemical and water exposure, epoxy is the number one choice.

Epoxy Resin Hardeners On The Gelcote Range

At Gelcote International we stock a wide variaty of resin hardeners for various wood repairs,. Each hardener offers a different strength and once stirred thoroughly, must be applied quickly. Each hardener has its own pot life attached.

What is “pot life”? Pot life is the amount of working you have once the hardener and catalyst have been mixed. The pot life is timed from the moment the product is mixed and must be measured at room temperature which is 23 degrees Celsius.

On the Gelcote International range you will find a 200 Fast hardener (Pot life of 12-13 min), 300 Intermediate hardener (Pot life of 18-20 min), 350 Clear UV Resistant hardener (Pot life of 18-30 min) and 400 Slow hardener (Pot life of 35 – 40 min).

Order any of epoxy hardeners for wood repair, fiberglass repair and marine repair online or contact us via email or telephone for more product information and advice today.