Sea Doo Color Match Repair Kit

At Gelcote International we make it easy for you to keep your Sea Doo personal watercraft in tip top condition. With a Sea Doo color match repair kit, your damaged jet ski can look as good as new once more, with minimal effort or expense. Scratches, nicks, dents and similar damage to a jet ski’s surface will only worsen and cause more damage if it is not properly repaired. Gelcote International is the OEM supplier of gelcoat repair products and kits. With a Gelcote International repair kit, you can remove scratches and create a smooth, seamless surface.

Sea Doo personal jet boats have a thin gelcoat surface color that’s particularly difficult to match, especially when looking for repair kits. At Gelcote International, we stock factory color-matched repair kits specifically designed for the task of repairing hull damage on Sea Doo jet skis and boats

Choosing The Right Gelcote Sea Doo Color Match Repair Kit For Your Jet Boat

Choosing the wrong DIY water craft repair kit can result in a mismatched color result. Not only can this cause your water craft to look bad, but will also negatively impact on its resale value. There are no market “standard colors” with the Sea Doo range of water crafts as each model sports its own shade, and that’s why it’s essential to choose from a wide range of color options that are perfectly matched to the manufacturer’s factory colors. On the Gelcote International range of Sea Doo color matched repair kits, you will find repair kits available in the precise color as per make and model of Sea Doo. All of the repair kits are available in kit, quart and gallon quantities. All repair kits provided included easy, simple-to-follow instructions.

Color Match Disclaimer

While we do everything that we can to ensure that we offer the precise colors available for the repair of all models of Sea Doo on the American and Canadian markets, it must be noted that environmental elements and mixing variables may alter the appearance of the final product when cured. It is the responsibility of the customer to match the correct Gelcote International color match repair product with their water craft and to ensure that the cured product does in fact match. Our guarantee to our customers is that the color you buy from us will be the perfect factory original color standard match as per the

    Sea Doo color


Order the Sea Doo color match repair kit online or contact us via email or telephone for more product information, color matching advice and jet ski repair tips and guidance today.