Fiberglass repair kits and materials

Fiber glass Repair Kits
If you find a variety of cracks, scratches and chips in your boat’s fiberglass hull, you can make use of our range of fiberglass repair kits and materials to restore the boat’s surface to its former sleek and smooth finish. Most hull and boat surface damage is the result of impacts with the likes of winch handles, down-rigger weights and similar.

At Gelcote International, our scratched surface repair kit with wax is the ideal product for restoring and refreshing your boat’s surface. The fiberglass repair kits and materials that we stock can be closely matched to the white, black and champagne shades of boats that have been exposed to the elements. We recommend that you use the following fiberglass repair kit and materials when repairing your boat:

  • Gelcote International Scratched Surface Repair Kit With Wax
    This repair kit includes the 28 ml (1 oz) repair paste, Mylar, hardener, mixing stick, rubbing compound and fine water paper. This kit is available in black, white and champagne shades.
  • Gelcote International Fiberglass Resin With Wax
    This fiberglass repair material is designed for use in marine and automotive applications. The product is a polyester liquid resin that comes with a hardener. This product is ideal for structural repair. This product is available in 500 ml, 1 liter, 4 liter and 20 liter quantities.

Why use fiberglass repair kits and materials?

While some of the minor surface scratches on gelcoat can be easily buffed out, deep scratches must be filled in. If the gelcoat around a scratch is considered to be in a good condition, a repair paste can be used. This is a single application repair that is carried out in two steps. This is done because the filled in area must be wet so to ensure that it’s smooth with the rest of the hull. Once the paste has cured and has been wet sanded, a resin can be applied to create an extra smooth and durable repaired area.

At Gelcote International we stock a variety of fiberglass repair kits and materials that are of the highest possible marine grade.

Order any of our fiberglass repair kits and materials online or contact us via email or telephone for more product information and advice today.